29 September 2005


Weeks work

Well they have been making me do some work in my last week in NL so I haven't had much chance to post. Also as I am not going to be at work from now on the updates will probably get more sporadic, though I may get round to putting some pics on - that would be fun!

Being playing the Shammy a lot, managed to get to level 44. Then went into Arathi Basin (I prefer WSG but no one is using it at the moment) to keep my hnour going. Well I had a nice suprise this month, I have made Grunt, thats 3 weeks of AB twice a week at level 42-44 so not too hard. Still not in the top 1000 though :(, I was ranked 900th with about 100 kills last week. This week I have played 3 more times in AB (we won all 3) and have over 100 kills so that is OK for this week - which is pretty handy as I don't think I will be on for a week now and sporadic from then on. Well I need to do some instances with the shammy as my gear really stinks now, my axe is looking really shoddy to but I can't bring myself to buy one so I will have to bite the bullet :(

Played the warrior last night and gained a level for him, about halfway to the next as well I think, he has got his beserker stance after managing to send him some potions in the mail. Put him in STV, when he gains the next level I will go after the brutal armour in Razorfen Krawl, very difficult to get a group to go there it seems, I am probably a bit high level for it too now so would get away with a small group I think.

Well hopefully this won't be my last post!

23 September 2005



Tried to get beserker stance for Theodread but died not long before the last mob. This was mainly because I had no healing potions, so I thought I would go and buy some - err whetre do you buy potions well I tried Ratchet, no luck, tried Xroads no luck, then Ogrimmer no luck, eventually the AH no luck - bleh. Also did another stupid thing with the warrior - I bought another slot in the stables ffs - thats going to be really handy for a warrior.
The warrior joined a new guild last night too, 'Bloodfang Warlords' it looks as though its going to be quite a good one I reckon. There are only 15 members at the moment but apparently its an old guild that has reformed after some sort of spat. Of those 15 9 were online at one point which is pretty impressive so I am hoping this is a decent one as all the others have not done much so far.

Gave up then and went back to the rogue who I haven't played much for a while. He is in StoneTalon, I had 2 quests up at the peak so wandered up there. Had a pretty easy time, I tried these quests at lvl 22 and got absolutely no where, level 24 and its all no problem. I also discovered the delights of SAP, I hadn't tried it before but it really is pretty usefull. Enables you to take 2 mobs pretty easily. Well Drogo had about half a level to go before he levelled and did this quite easy and is now probably about halfway to level 26 .... and cheap shot, yum yum. I keep playing around with his build and I reckon I am going to get into a terrible mess soon :( Also I had a load of weapons on him and some armour for higher levels but I don't have it anymore, hopefully I put them in the bank and didn't sell then.

22 September 2005



Another 2 levels last night one for Oromebstard who is now 43, he was only 2 bars off levelleing and one for Theodread who was about halfway.
The shammy is still in STV, but not for much longer I guess, trying to do the 2nd part of the buccaneers quest, unfortunately I can't find the charts and the other bit of paper I need but having looked at thott I think I may have been looking in the wrong place. Still I am well on the way in the snuff quest now.
Sent the warrior to the shimmering flats which is easy level country, there are about 5 quests and a reasonable spread of quests. You also get follow up quests to booty bay and ratchet which is a handy boost.

Now heres the thing, I appear to have missed a trick somewhere, I can't buy beserker stance. Which means I can't get intercept a warrior essential. Can some kind sole let me know how I can get this, I presume theres some quest somewhere I have missed!

21 September 2005


Back to STV

Went back eventually to STV with the shaman, having managed to get my axe usage back up to about 180 – its just amazing how much difference this makes.
I was ganked several times just outside Gadtzetown doing this – thanks again. Needless to say I then took it out on some other lowbie allies I found.
Got ganked whilst trying to get the naga explorers by a gnome mage called Munchkin. Went back to get my revenge and he got me again – not to be daunted I went back and this time managed to get him. I will have to have some duels with some mages cos I couldn’t figure this one out, I don’t use my totems enough I guess is the real problem. The air one that absorbs spells I use so seldom it takes me till I am dead to find it.
Got ganked earlier by a paladin whilst fighting 2 raptors – nice to see them living up to their code! What was most annoying about this one was that there was another Horde there who just stood and watched him kill me, I expressed my gratitude!!!
I joined a guild the other day which seems to have the most active players that I have seen in a guild – usually 6 or so on at a time. They haven’t organised anything yet and the leader is far and away the highest level their – he is 48th level and I am 2nd at 42 the next are about 3 at 38. Well I will give this a go and see how it goes, the only interaction I have had really is someone wanting me to run them through RageFire in Orgrimmer – I declined!
Well 2 bars of level 43 so I will do that tonight then move on to another char, probably the fighter.

Here is todays question, I now have 2 necklaces – which to wear.
Necklace 1. +1% Dodge +2 Agility
Necklace 2. +8 Spirit +5? Int

20 September 2005


Just a bit aimless really

Played the shammy to start with, he has about 5 bars of rest bonus. Well first I needed to boost his HK's totry and move a bit closer to that pvp rank 2. Didn't do too well got caught a few times against 5 or 6 Allies and theres just no way a Shammy is going to survive that. I then respecked and thought I would try a few quests I had abondoned in Desolace, well I couldn't get then, very frustrating had long conversations with the DM's but all they came back with was that I was too high level. Well my interface is now screwed cos I had to get rid of the to W?? folders so I am pretty pissed. Also a strange thing seems to have happenned along the way, my axe skill seemed to have been reset very low, I don't know how low as I hadn't noticed until I got killed by 2 level 34's that I just wasn't hitting. The DM said he hadn't seen that happened before which was great comfort! So my axe skill is now 50 short of where it should be which is a real pain you just wouldn't believe hw much difference this makes. Its not much fun hitting for single figures of damage!
After that I ground out the mage to level 34, he had about 5 bars to go and it went pretty easy, except for someinterface issues when I was trying to get things sorted.

If anyone can help here are some of my interface issues that I haven't worked out how to resolve again yet :-
1. When typing text the text appears large (the text in the boxes is OK)
2. Icons are larger than they were
3. The time left on spells is no longer visible
4. The anount of HP and Mana is not showing

I have obviously found these once before but can't work out where they are at the moment. Answers on a postcard please.

19 September 2005


Abject Failure

Well not exactly it was a gallant effort but ultimately I didn’t achieve my goal, yet another plucky English loser!
I manage 2 levels for Oromebstard and Theodread but only 1 level for Drogo and Arastar. I was hampered by some internet problems, Saturday morning the whole of Utrechts internet was down. Then on Sunday morning the internet was down again, this time it was due to the wireless router powerlead coming out – you wouldn’t believe how much effort it took to persuade someone to have a look at it (they didn’t know where the antennae was and got me to look at it anyway – lol). So there’s the excuses out of the way, what happened I hear you cry. Well Friday and most of Saturday I played the Shammy probably the reason for my downfall at the end of the day. Had some good fun and got to have a run at Ulderman which wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be – it was a bit boring as I was doing the healing which was fine except out warriors were not too good at holding agg on more than 2 mobs so when I healed at one point I got mobbed by mobs. I consequently couldn’t heal so we all died – we had a warlock fortunately and he soulstoned me (I haven’t got a rez rune yet – I will have to make an investment). So I started rezzing the others and we were resting when the mage (Magicman I think) wandered back into the mobs that had just killed us, I think he must have been a bit dazed from being dead – well they came back and killed us all again for good measure. We called it a day after that, it was a reasonable team though I didn’t get very close to completing any of my quests as everyone was quicker at looting than me – I much prefer round robin.
I then had a couple of runs in Arathi Basin which was OK, though I was a bit under-powered at level 42, we lost both games badly especially the 2nd one in which we were outnumbered 15 to 9. I spent most of that one trying to get out of the graveyard. I think I was bottom of the 2nd one and about a 1/3 up from the bottom of the previous one. Anyway I got past the 25 hk I need to have something count towards my pvp ranking and I am about 1/3 of the way to the next level. I could do with a few more levels before going back in I think. Hunters are a real pain in there, they always seemed to pick on me too (boo-hoo!), there is nothing makes you panic more than having that big red arrow over your head. I tried to get into WSG but no one seems interested in that anymore which is a shame. Well he is halfway to level 43 so maybe get him up a level this week.
Next I played the warrior who is in 1kN, managed 2 levels reasonably easily and have managed to get upto skill level 125 in mining which is important as I can now mine iron. I have a bank full of bars of metal at the moment, most of which I can’t use as my blacksmithing isn’t high enough  Completed a fair few quests including Steelsnap for the first time which was great, I know now where he lives so he better look out for when my Rogue gets their.
Talking of the rogue, I was struggling finding quests I could complete at level 23 so had to grind out to level 24. I could then do the quilboar quests reasonably easily and will then go back to Stonetalon as there are a couple of quests there that I should now be able to complete which I had given up on previously. This is where things started going wrong though as I just plain ran out of rest bonus and I wasn’t going to play without rest bonus – what a waste 
On to the mage then – well he was in STV and I had done the quests which were doable at his level (32) so I decided to go to Arathi. Tried to do the rod quest near Tarren Mill but the Yeti’s just resisted most of my spells even though they are the same level so I had to give up on that and head into Arathi Basin. Managed to complete 4 quests there no thanks to the alliance ganking bastards. I was ganked 5 times, I managed to get away 3 of those times, the 2 occasions I died was against level ??, I hope they enjoyed the 0 benefit they gained! I don’t tend to gank, in fact I have even stopped attacking one char when they didn’t do anything but with all the times I have been ganked it is getting increasingly difficult to carry on with this policy. Sometimes it goes fine and you just give a wave but othertimes they just attack you, some Gnome did that to my Shammy (I had 99hp at the time) in the Badlands, he had just done the same to another Shammy near there well when he was drinking to get his mana back the Gnome came after him again, I messaged the shammy and we both came back and blew him away – then had a conversation over his body – he must have thought we were camping – lol. Anyway he materialised and made a run for it. I couldn’t catch him but must have given him a fright ( I wasn’t too bothered). Funnily enough I had wandered the otherside of this hill and he came round from the other way still running, must have given him an even bigger fright – lol

Well the only char with any rb left now is the mage so it will be him tonight.

16 September 2005


Big Weekend coming up!

So first of all last night - played the rogue for a while to use up some rb ready to be built up again at the weekend. Did the shredders and gizmo wrenckle(with a bit of help) and a couple of other quests I had in the area. My thief is a herbalist so I pick up any herbs that I find, unfortunately I now seem to have a bit of a problem (and I haven't checked out what) I don't appear to be able to make any potions at the moment! I must have a vital ingredient missing - I have tons of herbs (and vials) but I can't seem to make anything - something I will have to have a look at at the weekend.

After that I played the warrior - for the same reason, I haven't played him for ages so it took a while to work out where he was (Orgrimmer) and why he was there. He is level 29 so its of to 1kN and also to try and finish off the Brutal Armour Quest which is in RazorFen Krawl - there were no takers last night :( So I did a couple of the easy quests there - the Kolkars and the alien egg. Another frustrating profession thing. I have 115 mining, 1kN is full of Iron - I can't do iron till I get 125 and there is hardly any tin to get to up my skill :( Also I need the iron for the brutal armour, damn annoying especially as my skill only goes up 1 pointper load of tin. Blacksmithing is a bit tricky at the moment too - I have bundles of Tin and Bronze (made by mistake - doh), but I only have recipes for copper of which I have very little - still theres a fair bit of copper about and I have a bank account pretty much full of bars of metal and stones of various types so I should be able to get my blacksmithing up pretty fast (its at 90 at the moment). Well besides that it went pretty well, I had some ?? level ally watch me kill a cat, didn't catch his name but he was a rogue in Ace of Spades - whoever you are thanks for not honing your knives on my worthless carcass!

Now back to the title, the weekend ahead is going to be very busy on wow (connections, servers and overheating problems aside - fingers crossed). I have the whole weekend to play and not much else to do (I have to do a couple of runs and get some food but that won't take too long). So this weekends target! I want to get all of my characters up 2 levels over the weekend. Shouldn't be too bad for most of them except for the Shammy, that is who will probably take a lot of effort. So wish me luck on my mammoth task and I shall report back on Monday morning!!!

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